Soaring Saxophone

Jamie Hancock




Jamie Hancock is passionate about music.

He has a bachelor’s degree, BMus Music from Royal Holloway, University of London and a master’s degree, MMus Studio Composition from Goldsmiths, University of London. Jamie works as Crew for the Royal Albert Hall, having previously done similar work for Kings Place conference, music and arts venue.

He is enthusiastic about playing saxophone in a range of musical genres.


Jamie offers

  • Writing of saxophone parts for pieces
  • Recording of saxophone parts

Jamie's saxophone playing on a track called 'Harry and Annie', which forms part of the album Short Stories by Weaver Birds A.K.A. Candi Godbold and Adam Gardner; a snippet of Jamie's saxophone playing on a track called 'Humming Bird', which forms part of Little World by Patchy A.K.A. Candi Godbold; and a snippet of Jamie's saxophone playing on a track called 'Tiger Tamer', which is part of the DAAY Band project led by Alex Barty-King, can all be found at House on a Hilltop. Also on this website is Jamie's own compositional work. Some of his writing about music can be found at Hancock's Hand.


Jamie lives in London. Please get in touch using the email address below to discuss how Jamie can make saxophone a part of your music and to enquire about his rates.